How Deep is Your Knowledge About Poker Online


In tangkasnet, poker is the most popular game ever people like to play but how much you know this game instead of others? Poker is the most well-known game in the world and you love it so much especially Texas Holdem as the main game there. However, poker is not only about Texas Holdem and you should know that this game has different varieties you can choose and also play in tangkasnet site. If you choose this game, you may think the main game you play is only Holdem. Certainly, you may get several types such as 5-card draw in the form of video poker in casino site.


Poker Online is Not Only About Texas Holdem


The video poker that you like due to the low house edge in bola tangkas doesn’t use Texas Holdem as the main game inside but it uses 5-card draw as the main game

there. It means, you don’t only learn about Holdem but you need to learn more about all types. You can also get the 7-card stud on the game and others easily in one complete site or just in different sites based on you like. If you spend much time in regular casino, then you must have played this game though you didn’t realize.


Somehow, Tricard poker and also Caribbean poker are not called as the main poker games. Sometimes, the existence of those games annoys the real poker games since you can’t use interplay and also bluffing for other players. Meanwhile, Pai Gow poker can be accepted as poker as well though this game came from Asia. Pai Gow is considered as one of the poker games because people can do the little strategy to win the game and it means, Pai Gow is not played by luck only just like other types.


If you choose Texas Holdem, then you might be so familiar with the famous betting rounds on the game from Flop, Turn and the last is River. However, have you ever tries another different type of poker such as Double-Flop Holdem, Manila Omaha Hi-Lo Split or Omaha High? Basically, Omaha High is not so different from the famous Texas Holdem you always play in regular casino sites even the rules are so identical one and another. However, what makes it different is the strategy used.


Learn Other Types of Poker Online Beside Texas Holdem



In Preflop of Texas holdem, the players may accept 2 starting hands. Meanwhile if you choose Omaha, you will play with 4 cards as the starting hands. In different ways, more cards can give you the better chances to win. However, you are not the only one to get this advantage because it happens for all players. So, it is not so special at all and in Omaha, you will use only 2 cards of your hands and you may discard the other 2. After that, you can see the community cards on the table.


Somehow, it can be so stressful and frustrating especially if you hold around three of a kind or perhaps straight and flush on your hand. It means, you almost win the game but you need to give up on it since you have to give up on 2 cards only. In other words, this game will make you think another way and also use the different strategies. In this game, most players may get the pair in every hand and if you see about three suited cards, it is pretty sure that you will see another player holds flush.



If there are about 3 cards in a row, it is better for you to assume that one player may get the straight. You need to realize that Omaha is another challenge you need to face. However, for some players, Omaha is known to be the straightforward game. The result is, they choose to play Omaha Hi-Low Split. In this game, you can win half of the bet if you win the low hand with all your cards only under 8 while holding the best hand that might win another half of the pot or bet there for the high prize.


The hands of poker in this gambling online can be different and sometimes, you can’t win both halves of the bet. This condition is known as scooping. Meanwhile, Omaha Hi-Lo Split will require the whole different techniques entirely from Texas Holdem or even Omaha High. So, you can get the different feeling and also different dimension for the game. Though you might not play them all, it is better to learn them all at once because you can’t just rely on game only forever and perhaps, you are bored to play with one game only with no consistent winning.


Bermain judi online bisa jadi asyik karena disamping anda mendapatkan hiburan, anda bisa juga mendapatkan keuntungan. Namun kadang kita jadi sangat stres karena tidak bisa memenangkan taruhan. Misalnya saja judi online poker. Dalam judi online poker, memang keberuntungan menjadi kunci. Namun ada hal lain yang membuat judi poker online ini sulit sekali ditaklukkan. Apa yang sebenarnya membuat demikian?


Salah satu alasan mengapa judi online poker sulit ditaklukkan adalah dari faktor pemain yang sulit mengambil sebuah keputusan dengan cepat. Akan tetapi, posisi itu pun sekaligus membuat mental anda jauh lebih rentan untuk ditekan terus menerus. Maka dari itu, dalam Judi dewapoker, walaupun anda menghadapi gertakan yang kecil saja, keputusan harus anda buat secepat mungkin. Kalau tidak, memang ini lah yang membuat judi poker online sulit sekali ditaklukkan.