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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Inc. We we have grown into a bigger, stronger and more unified organization than I ever could have imagined when that first homeless Weim passed through my kitchen in 1991. 

Rescue is not just about saving dogs. One of the focuses for MWR has always been developing community awareness to the plight of all homeless animals and educating the public to the existence of breed rescue groups. MWR volunteers and their dogs participate in many community outreach programs. As an extension of our monthly summer open houses, we now do meet and greets through the Petsmart Charities and Rally to rescue. 

One of greatest chances to educate came in the form of an opportunity for me to speak on shelters partnering with placement groups at the annual Michigan Animal Control Officers conference. This was not only an honor, but a chance to help the officers understand how rescues work and to directly introduce MWR to animal control shelters across the state.

Foster homes have saved many lives over the years. A foster home is a loving home where a pet can live until he or she is adopted. The need is especially great during the summer months and around the Holidays. You'll be helping a homeless Weim who may not otherwise have a chance. How uplifting to know YOU had an active part in saving the life of a homeless dog! 

Volunteers are always needed with our many events and fund raisers; the most amazing occasion being our Weim and Cheese. Check out all the fund raisers at our new Puppy Pantry on the web site. 

For information on many volunteer opportunities phone 1- 866 - Got Weim (1-866-468-9346); also see below for more opportunities to help.

MWR relies on your generous support of time and donations to continue in the "mission". Without all of you, many gray dogs would not get that second chance. Hug your loved ones, two- and four-footed and say a prayer for those without.

-Chris Conklin

I am a Foster Home.
I am a safe port for the storm-tossed soul, not his final destination.
Temporary guardian only I shelter him, feed him, comfort him, heal him, teach him while he awaits his forever home.
When his sailing orders arrive I send him off with a smile, a whispered prayer for a full and happy life, and a small piece of my heart to carry with him always.
I am a Foster Home.
I am the Bridge between Lost and Found, the path upon which the homeless spirit makes his journey from discarded to treasured.
I give him solid footing, and help him find his way.
He, like those who came before and those who will follow, leaves indelible foot prints upon me.
Layer upon layer they strengthen me, teach me, and smooth the way for the next abandoned soul to travel.

-Nancy Muller

Foster Letters

Why I Foster:

I met Chris through obedience classes, then joined Rescue after I went out to let my dogs play in her fenced yard and discovered she had TEN DOGS in her little house. I figured if she had eight extra on top of her
own, I ought to be able to manage one. That was four years ago at Thanksgiving.

I'm on my 25th foster dog now, and it's still very rewarding. You get a dog who's lost everything familiar to him, who's a little nervous and uncertain because the world he understood suddenly isn't there anymore. And you get to see him settle down and become a happy, affectionate fellow.

I've had the pleasure of seeing skinny dogs fill out, fat dogs turn sleek, and shy dogs become friendly. Some we just love. Some drive us crazy, but we keep them anyway because they're just the right dog for somebody else.
They've stayed with me anywhere from eight months down to 36 hours. Once in awhile, some of them very nearly didn't leave here at all - we cried when we said goodbye and sent them off to their new lives. But the new families are so very happy with their new dogs, I can't deny them the joy of the new dog. 

It's a thrill to see a dog that nobody really wanted, or understood, or even bothered to take proper basic care of, go to a family that REALLY wants him. And I helped.

And that's why I foster.
Kate (and my Rescued pack: Sweet Millie, Lucy, and Duke)