Michigan Weimaraner Rescue Inc.

Special Care Project

Michigan Weimaraner Rescue is proud to announce a new division of our rescue, the "Special Care Project". Areas of this program that are still in development include but are not limited to a special needs and hospice foster care program and a virtual foster program allowing individuals to become benefactors to senior, special needs and hospice dogs. We are most excited to announce that our Seniors to Seniors program is up and running.

Studies have consistently shown that sharing your life with a canine companion decreases stress and has many beneficial health effects.
We all know living with our gray ones makes us better people. Many times, the main obstacle to seniors adopting and owning a pet are the costs involved. Through MWR's Senior to Senior program, senior dogs (over 7yrs) will be matched to senior adopters (over 60 yrs).

Adoption fees will be reduced to half, and some of the normal health costs such as monthly heart worm preventative and Rabies shots will be included with the adoption. We appreciate everyone's help to make this work; that may be anything from informing the senior Weim lovers in your life of the program, to doing home checks, or offering transport help in getting the dogs to their new home, or helping a senior get their pet into a veterinarian. And of course, monetary donations are always welcome.