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Make Certain to visit our "Know your breed" and "Weim Behavior" pages to make an informed choice on whether a Weimaraner will successfully fit into your life.

Weims entering our program are fostered with MWR for a minimum of two weeks. During this period the dogs are evaluated and temperament tested by Chris Conklin, our director, who has over 22 years experience as an all-breed dog trainer, and 16 years specializing in Weimaraner Behavior. We truly believe that by taking our time to get to know each dog as an individual, we can assure both the adoptive families and our Weims the best match for lifelong companionship. Our goal is to not only save Weims, but to find the perfect "forever home" for each dog. The time taken in choosing the right match means you will not only welcome your new Weim's distinctive personality, but will be able to enjoy it to the utmost. All of our rescues are: spayed or neutered (including puppies), current on Rabies vaccination, heart worm tested and treated if necessary. They also receive monthly heart worm preventative and are micro-chipped before being placed.

Many of the dogs turned over to rescue come from families with small children and no fences. The adults may work full time, and don't have the time to fulfill the needs of the active young Weimaraner. There are no hard and fast rules about good dog owners, sometimes dogs placed in homes that were perfect profiles (for Weims), don't work out for one reason or another.

Often, people describe Weimaraners as 'hyperactive'. When people don't make the time to interact, the results can be literally disastrous; a bored, unattended Weim can destroy a couch in no time. The majority of our dogs come from indoor homes with very nice families. The number one reason for relinquishment is an inability to cope with the breed's neediness and energy levels. Weims are a hobby dog and a lifestyle choice; they have no capacity to entertain themselves. 

The older dogs (3 plus) generally have had some training and are pretty much 'move in' companions and generally come from life change situations like moving, deaths, divorces etc.. Bonding is seldom a problem with a Weim at any age. 

We do occasionally get strays or dogs from poor environments, but that really is not the norm. Since male Weims mature very slowly, most of our rescues are adolescent males aged 11 months to 2yrs. The dogs we get at this age (male or females) are generally physically WILD (do you run, jog, or hunt?). 

Many rescue dogs have been spoiled and loved a little too much, and are in need of consistency and leadership. Weims are not a breed for submissive personalities. Most rescues are generally housebroken, sometimes crate trained. Weimaraners are extremely intelligent, which is a double edged sword, as they can quickly learn to thrive on negative attention if they are not given proper outlets for their extreme physical and mental energy. They are very loyal and protective of their owners, not always of property. Males are more easygoing than females. Males weigh around 80lbs, females 60lbs, with an average life span ofaround 10 years. 

Check out the Weimaraner Club of America's Quiz to find out if you are truly “Weim Ready”! 
Each dog has its own personality and there will be one to fit your family perfectly. Email us for an application and we will get you started with the adoption process! (See "Adoption Donations" below for more details about the adoption process and contact information).

  • Each Weim is placed on a lifetime contract.

  • Dogs are temperament tested, brought up to date with their Rabies, heartworm, and spayed/neutered.

  • Families will be contacted for a phone interview after their application has received a vet reference, then a home visit will be completed.

  • Once approved, you can set appointments with the foster families to meet dogs. Approval to the program does not guarantee approval for every dog.

  • We do require a personal interview pre-adoption, and we do not “ship” animals.

  • You are welcome to bring your family to Chris' home in Mason to meet some Weims and become familiar with our breed.

See MWR's Current Dogs Below:

For adoption applications, contact: 
Amy at cirrusweim44@yahoo.com 
or call 1-866-GOT-WEIM